More Pics of Beaches

One day I climb the our most prominent hill (El morro) and take this shot

You can see easily how near we are from the frontier with Perú

20 minutes and we are inTacna (Perú).

Sunset in Chinchorro Beach, when touristic season closes old dock remain empty. A nice place for fishing and romantic matters also.

Playa de El Laucho, Umbrellas made of paja brava surrounds the shop of his famous owner "el Tuto".

El Tuto has a sister with very slim legs, and all we called her "la tuto" from years ago, So his small brother hinerited the nickname and his business is named, of course, ...."Tuto Beach"

Some cousins of mine sunbathig at El Laucho.

It was in summer of 98

La Lisera from march to october is no doubt the best of Arica, with few people water is clear and you can swim between lots of jumping fish called "lisas" wich give his name to the beach.

Good sand, warm waters and sun shines almost all over the year ¿what else can we desire?

There are an old man with his Fiat 600 (with a small freezer on the roof) that lies every 365 days of the year on this beach.

When I´m retired I wish do the same

The hibisco or bugambilia is a very common flower here in Arica, grows like grass anywhere, same as ficus.