Aditional considerations on Punta Paloma Project

Without the project (using Port of Arica)

The railroad from La Paz to Arica reach directly to the port of Arica, however the most probable is that we need to storage the ore for essays, scale, etc. Storage in port is VERY expensive and space is limited, so we must consider to ask for a coastal consesion near the port (it is feasible) in order to build propietary insatalations and storage space, if volume of ore is big it may be serious problems with enviroment laws because the port of Arica is into a very populated area. Actually there are an old discussion due the bolivian ore contamination from another bolivian miner companies. The enviromental issue may be determinant to decide the embark of big amounts of ore from port of Arica or Punta Paloma, the later may be used also to embark actual ore from another companies from Bolivia.

Advantages of Punta Paloma:

Easy to solve enviromental issues

Deep of water is the best in all Arica coast (16 mt with lower tide), much better than the 6 mt of Port of Arica. SEE HERE a chart of deeps of Port of Arica

The access is fast, bypassing the city trogh 5 km of bypass highway and 6 km not paved road, no city botllenecks (in port of Arica bottlenecks are usual)

Profile of project and preliminary studies are made