Nigthlife in Arica

"Young is the nigth... we are the old ones".


Arica is not a frenzy city and nigth life is limited to some few discos and "el Casino" the main discos are "Soho", the biggest for all ages and "Sunset" where youngster goes. The Soho (in the picture) is where most people goes, there are few other discos (Adobe, Avant Premiere, Salsoteca) but they are most segmented in music and people. Prices are cheap (USD 4-8 per entrance/person with a drink included) dependng on hour chicks enter free.


La bohemia (bars and "pubs")

Speaking on bars in Arica is mandatory to mention 3 places: "Bar Barrabas", "Bar The End" and "Isla del Alacran". Always there are people in those places chatting, drinking or just looking for friends.Chat with some drinks is a strong vice for people in Arica, so as other places is go out to dinner or dance.

Another bar not so animatedis "Puesta del Sol" located in Chinchorro Beach, near disco Soho


rBut if you are really whealty (or want to pretend it) nathing better than go with your girl to some drinks in Bar-Restaurant "Maracuya", she will be really impressed (specially if she is native from Arica, Ha) and your wallet slim out very quickly.

If you are lonely looking for partner and wit few $$, a better choice is the bar "The End" in Sotomayor street (between Lynch and Baquedano), is full of fishing pieces for both genders and good for any budget. You only need order a beer and wait with face of loneliness.


The Isla del Alacrán

Every weekend most of people from Arica between 15 to 50 go out to some dring, music listening and chat, but as our city is economic depressed from decades, we prefer the fun for free at open air.

So has born this rare place wich is a peninsula wich every nigth meet hundreds of people wich broke with impunity the alcohol laws (in Chile is forbiden drink at the streets) and join to talk until dawn. There goes lost of chicks and guys alone or grouped and the place is very relaxed and pleasant, one of the most lovely places of our city. Ah! note that people start to come from 2 AM, early nothing happens.